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The possibilities for personal communication and interaction have also been seen as great assets. However, in recent years social media has become the focus for debate on Internet hate and harassment, a major problem for many young women on the Internet. In the light of this problem, this qualitative study was aimed to investigate how young women themselves perceive and manage the risk of being subjected to sexual harassment, and the ways in which they protect themselves against this type of harassments on the social media outlet: Facebook. In order to collect relevant data we conducted three focus group interviews with semi-structured nature, with a total of 12 young female students from Linnaeus University in Kalmar. The study also revealed four methods that descibed how the women protected themselves from becoming victims. The survey found that these women experienced a normalization of sexual harassment on Facebook as well as a low ability to solve this issue on their own.


Highly recomended Central bank money printing knipa the mystery of soaring shares 'Why did nobody see it coming? Well, here's another in a similar vein she might like to ask when she next returns to matters financial. En snabb minskning av hushållens skulder skulle slå hårt mot konsumtionen samt är inte önskvärd. Det säger finansminister Anders Borg och spår att bostadsmarknaden kommer att befinna sig i stagnation de kommande åren. Anders Borg anser att hushållens skuldsättning är bekymmersam samt att en eventuell lånebubbla skulle bliva kostsam och leda till en segsliten lågkonjunktur som skulle riskera att aga ut de vanliga ekonomisk-politiska instrumenten. Dagens Industri 26 februari Kommentar av Rolf Englund: En tolkning av Anders Borgs uttalande om att bostadsmarknaden kommer att befinna sig i stagnation de annalkande åren är att han anser att bopriserna nu har nått en avsats.

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Open Europe Germans love Merkel. Because she asks little of them. And because Merkel is practising a new style of power politics in Europe, which I have called Merkiavellism: a combination of Machiavelli and Merkel. His answer was that one ought to bedja both feared and loved, but arsel it is difficult for the two to go together, it is much safer to be feared than loved, if one of the two has to be wanting.


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