Kristian Daneback

Möt männen från University of bodybuilding

Recognising the Movements of Other People : What role do the feet play? Järborg, Ellen January has links The ability to recognise the movements made by humans and other animals, referred to as biological motion, is a specialised human ability that develops at an early age. This perceptual ability is strong even for the minimal amount of information contained in a point-light display, which has been used to study specific features of biological motion to find out what properties contribute to this ability. The perception of biological motion depends on visual perception, visual attention and motor cognition, and perception depends both on the global form, configural information and local information of a body in motion. Depending on the situation, either global or local motions will be more salient and processed to a greater extent by the perceptual system. Previous research has shown that the local and configural information contained in the feet play an important role for identification, direction discrimination and the inversion effect. The salience of the feet for perception has previously been studied when they are subjected to focused attention, but not reflexive attention.

Effekt av antibakteriell munvatten på muskelfunktion hos friska unga män och kvinnor

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Arbeitsmarktrigiditäten oder Nachfragemangel? Die Ursachen der Arbeitslosigkeit in Europa. Stockhammer, Engelbert January has links PDF Der Fordismus, das Akkumulationsregime der Nachkriegszeit, das auf einem impliziten Kompromiss zwischen Kapital und Arbeit basierte, war durch einen regulierten Finanzsektor und durch niedrige reale Zinsen gekennzeichnet war, kam in den 70er Jahren in die Krise.


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