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The artists on these labels had names like Preston Ward, Al Runyon, Hank Smith, Rusty Williams, Betsy Green, Jim Fair, Maureen Whitt, Bob Sandy but often these were made up to hide people who had existing recording contracts under different names or were simply a series of names given to one individual, examples of the last mentioned were Frank Virtue and Dave Burgess. However, one name that regularly cropped up was Delbert Barker and this was made the more memorable by his excellent versions of Hank Williams songs. To unravel this fascinating story, we searched for and located Delbert who kindly consented to a series of interviews and from which the following story results. The labels Carl Burkhardt, Cincinnati, Ohio, formed Rite Record Productions in with the goal of making popular music available to consumers at lower prices. He hired local musicians and singers to record versions of hits of the day and issued the resulting covers on his three main labels - Big 4 Hits, Kentucky and Gateway. In addition, releases on such as the Big 4 Hits label proved to be innovative by providing the purchaser with four songs per record in lieu of the normal two. Also records issued by the Burkhardt companies could be found on stands in outlets such as pharmacies and supermarkets, locations that did not specialise in selling records but which had a large public throughput. All these measures served to attract high sales volumes.


Puebla Lucia, Edif. Leo, Local 1 Fuengirola, Malaga, Spanien. Till nästa år startar linjen Gibraltar-Bristol som kommer att trafikeras av easyJet med tre avgångar inom veckan från april månad.

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History[ edit ] Second gay pride march, Pride has been organised by several organisations since the first official UK Gay Pride Rally which was held in London on 1 July chosen as the nearest Saturday to the anniversary of the Stonewall riots of with approximately 2, participants. This was in recognition of the support bestämd to striking miners by LGSM. The controversy of Section 28 from färdväg to numbers increasing on the march in protest. Since the march was called Lesbian and Gay Pride knipa by the s it had become more of a carnival event, with large park gatherings and a fair after the marches.

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The church was designed as an 80 feet 24 m long and 64 feet 20 m wide basilican church, with a 70 feet 21 m high west end tower. In a tuition-free parish school was founded for boys and in it started to admit girls. The church's tower was only completed inwith the addition of a timber spire by local carpenter John Meard. The actress and dancer Arabella Menage was baptised here in The original tower was demolished though the 1 nyans clock bell, cast in and still in use, was retained and the new tower's brickwork was completed byits bell chamber's Portland stonework by Marchand its copper cupola by May The new tower's ground floor room became the parish's vestry room, and later in the 20th century a robing room for the clergy, and in the 14 feet 4.

Gregory Porter - Be Good (Lion's Song) live at Soho Sessions presented by PizzaExpress


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